As mentioned, the cells displayed in red have at least 5000 upstream cells flowing through them. SAGA-GIS Tool Library Documentation (v6.3.0) Tools A-Z Contents Terrain Analysis - … ta_hydrology 1-Flow Accumulation Recursive. 1985), Multiple Flow Direction (Freeman 1991, Quinn et al. Alias. Is authorship not correct? The Flow Accumulation tool supports three flow modeling algorithms while computing accumulated flow. Guido A. Herrera. / Chevallier, P. / Planchon, O. The resulted grid contains the downslope accumulated SCA sizes. If people getting used to the QGIS Processing names are having problems, an alternative could be use something like "Flow Accumulation (Catchment Area). There is a variety of way to assess flow over a landscape in SAGA. We really appreciate your help! / Rohdenburg, H. / Bork, H.-R. (1985): 'Ein Digitales Reliefmodell als Vorraussetzung fuer ein deterministisches Modell der Wasser- und Stoff-Fluesse', Landschaftsgenese und Landschaftsoekologie, H.10, Parameteraufbereitung fuer deterministische Gebiets-Wassermodelle, Grundlagenarbeiten zu Analyse von Agrar-Oekosystemen, (Eds. Hi Volker I am running the flow accumulation on Version: 2.3.2 and get some weird results. Contributor. Authorship. I would certainly recommend some multiple-flow algorithm (e.g. Module Flow Accumulation (Top-Down) Top-down processing of cells for calculation of flow accumulation and related parameters. SAGA - Flow Accumulation Recursive. 7 Flow Direction created from depressionless DEM inaccurate in flat areas. Only generate flow at cells with step distance (each step row/column). A weight factor can optionally be applied. Module Flow Accumulation (Flow Tracing) Flow tracing algorithms for calculations of flow accumulation and related parameters. : Bork, H.-R. / Rohdenburg, H.), p.1-15Deterministic Infinity:- Tarboton, D.G. Feed back. Feed back. Convergence factor for Multiple Flow Direction Algorithm (Freeman 1991). Applies also to the Multiple Triangular Flow Directon Algorithm. The other packages i mentioned, RSAGA, enaR, and vegan do not have a flow accumulation function that I could find, but I would be happy to use them. SAGA-GIS Module Library Documentation (v2.1.4) Modules A-Z Contents Terrain Analysis - … Download West Timor - elevation Data to use with this section (3mb zip). Few years ago, I was also wondering which flow algorithm to use for my purpose (vegetation ecology), and since there were almost nothing in the literature, I tried to write something about my experience (Kopecký, M. & Čížková, Š. songjie. Flow Distance For testing purposes. SAGA; Homepage: View. The basic terrain analysis tool is very powerful, automatically produces 16 terrain and hydrological metric outputs. SAGA-GIS Tool Library Documentation (v6.4.0) Tools A-Z Contents Terrain Analysis - Hydrology Tool Flow Accumulation (Flow Tracing) Flow tracing algorithms for calculations of flow accumulation and related parameters. / Zhu, A. X. Is authorship not correct? 2011), Author: O.Conrad (c) 2001-2016, Portions by T.Grabs (c) 2010, Menu: Terrain Analysis|Hydrology|Flow Accumulation. SAGA-Flow Accumulation Parallel. In SAGA GIS the name of the tool is "Flow Accumulation". These are D8, Multiple Flow Direction (MFD) and D-Infinity (DINF) flow methods. / Beven, K.J. If no weight raster is provided, a weight of 1 is applied to each cell, and the value of cells in the output raster is the number of cells that flow into each cell. Authorship. Creates a raster of accumulated flow into each cell. Oh no! These algorithms trace the flow of each cell in a DEM separately until it finally leaves the DEM or ends in a sink. 10.2k 1 1 gold badge 30 30 silver badges 59 59 bronze badges. See attachment and protocol. answered Apr 26 '18 at 13:03. WhiteboxDev. apply linear flow routing (D8) to all cells, having a flow accumulation greater than the specified threshold, flow accumulation threshold (cells) for linear flow routing.